AFLOW V3.1.194

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AFLOW V3.1.194

Postby coreyoses » Thu May 24, 2018 1:14 pm

-- small bug fixes for g++/gcc 7 and 8 (SC)
-- preparing for xz compression (SC)
194 xatom.cpp aurostd.h aurostd_main.cpp pthread.cpp README_SCRIPTING README_AFLOW init.cpp aflow.cpp aconvasp_main.cpp
194c fix aconvasp_main.cpp
194d avasp.cpp ael_elasticity.cpp ael_get_stress.cpp agl_debye.cpp agl_get_ev.cpp contrib_cormac.cpp contrib_junkai_phasediag.cpp
194e avasp.cpp xatom.cpp aurostd_main libraries.cpp ael_elasticity.cpp ael_get_stress.cpp agl_debye.cpp agl_get_ev.cpp contrib_cormac.cpp aconvasp_main.cpp pthread.cpp init.cpp aflow.cpp (heavy)
194f good bye bzip2 (SC)
194g aflow_contrib_wahyu.cpp
194h aflow.cpp aflow_estructure.cpp aflow_ifrozsl.cpp aflow_ivasp.cpp
194i aflow_pthreads.cpp
194j aflow_aflowrc.cpp
194l BASE64 for pseudopotentials and aflow_data.cpp
194m aflow_kbin.cpp aflow_kvasp.cpp
194n aflowlib_web_interface.cpp aflow_matlab_funcs.cpp (EXTRA/MATLAB/plotband.m) aflow_ovasp.cpp aflow_pocc_edos.cpp
shortened aflow_xatom.cpp working on ZVAL POMASS and removing all EXT stuff. Tests work. Fixed even further aflow_pthread.cpp aflow_xproto_gus.cpp
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