AFLOW V3.1.137

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AFLOW V3.1.137

Postby coreyoses » Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:00 pm

08/04/2017 - incorporated aflow.Xgroup.json, json serializers for bands/dos, print to screen options for AFLOW-SYM API, xvector/xmatrix lrows/urows/lcols/ucols bug fix, APL symmetry output append to ofstream, removed validation for sgroup (NOT NEEDED) (aconvasp_main.cpp,aflow.h,pflow.h,symmetry.cpp,xatom.cpp,README_AFLOW_ACONVASP.TXT,AUROSTD/aurostd_main.cpp,AUROSTD/aurostd.h,AUROSTD/aurostd_xvector.cpp,AUROSTD/aurostd_xmatrix.cpp,APL/apl_supercell.cpp,Makefile,estructure.cpp) (DX/EG/CO)
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